Weekend Web 2.0 roundup for September 1st

whos web

Who's Web
A Google map mashup of the top web 2.0 talents from across the World. Individuals are pinpointed on the map, with a brief introduction on what they do, and links out to their business contact information. Who's Web also helpfully plots out related events that are scattered around the earth.


Compatibility testing for web professionals. This web applications lets users test their websites by taking screenshots of them in a dozen different web browsers. A great tool for testing and ensuring cross browser functionality. Litmus also has the ability to test out email newsletter compatibility using a range of different clients. Both solutions also offer a bug tracking interface, so the user can see where exactly the compatibility issues are. Pricing starts at €39 / month for email testing, and €39 / month for website testing. A little steep, but could prove valuable if you are a designer or developer


A search engine that scowers the web looking for audio files. They are trying to build this out into a sort of social tool. So if users come across music they like, it can be shared and hopefully bought to support the artisits involved.


Free online file storage, sharing, and 1GB free data backup. Simply add a file from your hard drive, enter a recipients email address with a brief message, and hit upload. Files are then stored on their own unique URL that can be sent around and downloaded. Its a clean and simple process for sending large files to contacts.


Grab the URL for your favorite YouTube, Veoh, Metacafe or Dailymotion video and drop it in the search bar. ClipNabber rips out the unique address for the video. Through a somewhat confusing process of copying a link and inserting it into your browsers download manager and allows users to grab the videos source file. ClipNabber does have a browser bookmarklet that will also ''Nab" a particular video the user is watching.
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