Wikipedia: 2-million articles and counting

WikipediaSay will you will about Wikipedia and its occasionally inaccurate, frequently updated reference articles. The site is still immensely popular. And part of that popularity arises from the fact that there's just so much stuff packed in there.

This week, the site saw its 2 millionth English language article published. There are more than 8 million user generated articles across all of Wikipedia's different language versions, but what do you expect when you go and publish the site in 250 different languages.

The 2 millionth article went up on September 10, and describes a Spanish television program called El Hormiguero.

Wikipedia was founded in 2001. Anyone want to guess how long it will take for the site to get its 3 millionth article? How about 100 millionth? Are there really that many things to write about?

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