Yahoo! announces results of internal hack day

Yahoo! shop by colorEvery now and again, Yahoo! holds a "hack day," where the company invites outside developers to come up with some neat and innovative adaptation of a Yahoo! product.

The company has also been holding internal hack days, where Yahoo! employees take a day off from their normal tasks and try to think up something new. This week Yahoo! has announced two new features that are a result of the company's latest internal hack day.

Shop by color

If you visit Yahoo! Shopping you'll notice a new feature in some categories, allowing you to view items based on their color. The color selector doesn't show up on every category, or with every search term. For example, it's hard to shop for a computer by color, but that's probably because most computers come in black, white, or gray.

But type in watch, or shirt, and now you can browse by color. Sure, lots of individual store web sites already had this feature, but it's pretty nifty that Yahoo! lets you shop for items from multiple stores by color.

This feature was developed by Hayro Kolukisaoglu and Sundeep Tirumalareddy.


There's a new tool called MapMixer that lets you use any map as an overlay on a Yahoo! map. For example, say you have a map of the University of Wisconsin and you want to make it a bit more interactive. Just mash it up with a Yahoo! map covering the same area.

There's a layer opacity bar that you can slide around in order to see one version of the map or the other. Or you can leave the opacity in the middle and kind of sort of see both maps at the same time.

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