Yahoo! buys BuzzTracker, but why?

Yahoo! buys BuzzTracker
Yahoo! has purchased news/blog aggregation site BuzzTracker for a reported $5 million dollars. The move kind of makes sense. Yahoo! News can expand by utilizing the technology of a site that already does a good job of tracking news from multiple sources across the internet.

But here's the funny part. We haven't used BuzzTracker in a while, so we went ahead and typed "Yahoo" and "BuzzTracker" into the search engine. We got exactly one result. We tried the same search on Technorati, Google Blog Search, and TailRank and found dozens of sites talking about the deal. It was even easier to find blog reactions using Techmeme, which doesn't even have a search feature.

Interestingly, searching for just "BuzzTracker" on BuzzTracker does bring up a whole slew of additional results, but it seems to us like the search feature needs a little work.

Yahoo! has also announced that Alan Warms, the CEO of BuzzTracker's parent company will become the new general manager of Yahoo! News.

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