ZimDesk: nice looking web desktop if that's your sort of thing

We've been over this before. We don't really see the point of web-based "operating systems." You've already got an operating system, and if you need a place to store your data online or access office tools like word processors and spreadsheets, you already have a ton of options which perform better than any webOS we've seen. But companies continue to pump out webtops anyway.

And we have to say, there's something we like about ZimDesk. It has a attractive graphics and a well organized menu system. Rather than group items together in the typical Windows-style pop up menu, you can choose from office applications, internet, media, or games. Some of the games are kind of fun, and the word processor and spreadsheet applications are perfectly serviceable.

But we still have to laugh whenever we open the web browser in a web-based desktop. Because essentially we're opening a web browser inside of a web browser. Yeah, loading pages has got to be more efficient that way, right? Unfortunately we weren't able to launch ZimDesk inside of the ZimNav virtual browser. When we tried, a new instance of ZimDesk opened in a new Firefox tab.

[via Killer Startups]

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