Dept of obvious research: Girls with photos online get more messages

Pew contact study
Every now and again a study comes around that's so stunning it makes us wonder, "wait, somebody took the time to study this?" And now, for the findings from the Department of Obvious Research Pew Internet & American Life Project: girls who post photos online are more likely to be contacted by strangers than boys or girls without pictures. Shocking, but true.

We suppose it's important for objective researchers to test conventional and unconventional wisdom about the web in order to stave off fears that every child who ever goes online will become the victim of sexual predators. But seriously, did we need a study to let us know that dirty old men out there like to send inappropriate messages to girls online?

Other key findings include:
  • Girls were more likely than boys to have been contacted by someone who made them feel scared or uncomfortable
  • Teens who created profiles on social networking sites are more likely to have been contacted by strangers -- but they were no more likely to have been scared than other kids who have been contacted online
[via Mashable]

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