Hype Machine blog music aggregator relaunches with social flavor

Hype Machine
Blog music site Hype Machine is launching a major site redesign soon. Up until now the site has basically been a one-stop shop for finding the music bloggers are talking about. Hype machine tracks a number of popular music-oriented blogs and lets you listen to streaming audio of songs that are posted on those blogs.

The new Hype Machine will keep that music discovery focus, but now there's a social layer as well. You can create a profile to share your bands, songs, and blogs with other users. By tracking your friends' feeds you can discover new music that probably fits your taste.

The redesigned site also features links to buy music from DRM free music stores and watch Flash videos. There's also a Twitter component that lets you send tweets whenever you update your musical preferences. Find a new band you like? Let all your friends know.

Hype Machine is launching the new version of its site in an odd, but fitting way. As soon as 10,000 users simultaneously open the web page in their browsers, the new site will launch. Until that happens, you can neither access the new site nor the old version of Hype Machine. In other words, the site needs to generate a certain amount of hype before it will open.


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