ADrive: 50GB of free storage with a mediocre file transfer process

ADrive is a new online file storing service that gives you more space for free than any other site we've seen. Ever. We're talking 50GB big. But the thing about having that much storage space is that you're going to need a good way to upload and download files. And that's something ADrive is currently missing.

ADrive's "coming soon" section says that the company will be adding a desktop client for drag and drop uploading, personalized snapshots for retrieving older versions of your data, and premium accounts in case 50GB isn't enough for you.

But right now, all you get is a web based uploader. While you can upload multiple files at once, there is no way to upload entire directories and subdirectories, which means if you wanted to use ADrive as a complete backup solution you'd need to recreate your desktop file structure and upload the contents of each folder one by one.

Upload and download speeds are also not the greatest we've seen, ranging from 100KB/sec to 200KB/sec. At that rate, it will take a lot of time to upload or retrieve 50GB of data. There doesn't seem to be a file size limit. We started to upload a 2GB file with no problem, but we didn't wait around for the upload to finish because it was going to take an estimated 13 hours to complete.

You can also share files you've uploaded by clicking a "share" button to make them public.

While we're a bit underwhelmed at the moment, we're keeping an eye on this company, if for no other reason than the fact that we would love to find a free backup solution that gives us enough room to store more than a few important files.

[via 901am]

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