Ask DLS - How do I disable Firefox search suggestions?

We get a lot of questions at Download Squad. Where are the cookies? What did you do with the cookies? Why did you eat the cookies? And, so forth. Often we find questions have few simple answers, this one however was a cinch. It's also a good tip as Download Squad readers head off into the loving arms of family this holiday, no doubt to be bombarded with computer questions.

Dmitry T. writes, "I love the auto suggest feature [In Firefox's search box], but there doesn't seem to be a way to filter results, I have a kid and don't want certain words popping up on screen. I have Crawler parental control set up so he can't actually visit any objectionable sites but, I don't want objectionable search terms coming up. So is there a way to filter the auto-suggestion or disable that option for good?"

There sure is Dmitry, and it's easier than you might think. Just right-click on the search box itself, and un-check the option "Show Suggestions". After that, the little tyke can type anything he or she wants, and no suggestions will be offered; Offensive or otherwise.

Thanks Dmitry!

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