Audacity 1.3.4 beta released: open source audio editing keeps getting better

Audacity 1.3.4
The Audacity team has released another update to their popular cross-platform, open source digital audio editing application. The Audacity 1.3.x beta line features a ton of options that aren't available in the 1.2.x stable versions. For example, it's much easier to move sound files from one track to another or to split and manipulate audio tracks.

Audacity 1.3.4 beta features a ton of small, but important updates, including:
  • A new welcome screen
  • Enhanced Windows Shell integration, meaning you should be able to access Audacity from Windows dialogs like "open with."
  • New keyboard commands and shortcuts
  • The solo track button actually does what you'd expect and mutes all other tracks
  • Metadata editor added for OGG, FLAC, and WAV/AIFF exports
Audacity 1.3.4 beta is available for Windows and Linux. The most current version of Audacity for OS X is still 1.3.3 beta.

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