ClickZap - add double right-clicking to your XP machine

ClickZapRemember the days of the one-button mouse? Ahh, things were much less complicated back then. But simple is not always better!

Most people these days can't live without a two-button mouse, and in fact many of us have gotten used to using the click wheel as a 3rd mouse button, for things like closing open tabs in our browser. Without adding yet another button to your mouse, there is a way to get another action out of it. This is by cleverly using a double right-click gesture.

Think about it - you use the double click on the left mouse button constantly. Why not have a double click on the right one? If you'd like to add this functionality to your machine go ahead and download ClickZap, a very small utility for Windows machines that adds this very feature.

ClickZap offers the following actions that can be set for the double right-click:

  • Lock Computer
  • Log Off Computer
  • Shutdown Computer
  • Minimize Active Window
  • Minimize All Windows
  • Close Active Window
  • Close All Windows
  • Mute Sound
The default action is Lock Computer, but we'd prefer if it was Minimize Active Window, which appears to be the most commonly used action from this list.

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