Cobian Backup: Free backup tool for Windows

Cobian BackupLooking for a free easy to use solution for backing up your files to an external hard drive or network attached storage device? While we're big fans of the freeware version of SyncBack, sometimes you want something a bit simpler. And Cobian Backup fits the bill.

We can't decide if it's because Cobian lacks the bells and whistles that SyncBack has, or if it's just missing the complicated menus. Or maybe it's the fact that Cobian has extra-large icons that even your grandmother can read without her glasses on. Anyway, it takes just a few minute to create and schedule an automated daily backup of all your important data.

Like any good backup utility, Cobian lets you schedule full or incremental backups. In other words, you can copy either your entire directories every day, or just the files that have changed. If you go the incremental route, you can still set Cobian to create a full backup every X days.

Cobian Backup 8 runs on Windows 2000 - Vista. If you've got an older system you should probably upgrade. But Cobian 7 will work with Windows 95 and up.

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