Coming soon to Firefox 3: tab previews

Firefox3 tab preview
While Mozilla may not have officially released Firefox 3 beta yet, that hasn't kept us from drooling over some hot new features in the next generation of the popular web browser. The new places bookmark manager, for one is pretty sweet. And Mozilla Links points out another feature that may or may not make it into the official release: a new tab preview feature that works like Alt+Tab on Windows machines.

With Firefox 2, you can switch between tabs by hitting Ctrl+Tab. You can also see a list of open tabs by hitting a little arrow on the right side of your tab menu bar.

The new extension (which is currently experimental, but which might wind up in the final release of Firefox 3), replaces that little button with a black box. Click on it and thumbnail images of all your open windows will pop up over a black screen. If you hit Ctrl+Tab, you'll get an Alt+Tab style window on the center of your Firefox screen, letting you scroll through your open tabs without actually scrolling through your open tabs.

In the grand scheme of things, the advanced tab switching application might not actually save you any time. But it sure looks pretty.

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