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Red Roller
Ever pull your hair out trying to figure out how much to charge for shipping on an eBay auction? RedRoller can help. This handy web site asks you a few simple questions about the package you're shipping and where it's going and then spits out a list of rate quotes from the USPS, DHL, UPS, Eastern Connections, and Overnight Express. We didn't see any FedEx quotes in our test run.

You can arrange results by price or by delivery time. But rate quotes are just the start. You can also use Red Roller to schedule pickups, print shipping labels, and keep track of shipped items. The site also features eBay integration.

RedRoller is free to use, so we're not sure if they've worked out deals to take a cut of shipping costs or if the company has a another business model in mind.

[via makeuseof]

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