Fedora 8 out today

Fedora 8
Red Hat is releasing the latest version of its Fedora Linux software today, and along with new features for users, Fedora 8 is the first version of the Fedora software that's targeted at developers who want to create their own Fedora-based Linux distributions complete with a new logo. There are already plenty of Linux distros based on other popular platforms like Ubuntu, so it kind of makes sense that if you want to get your name out there, you open the door to developers who might strip your name from the finished product.

As an end user, here are some of the changes you're more likely to notice in Fedora 8:
  • Improved printer support
  • Bluetooth enhancements
  • PulseAudio gives you more control over audio settings for different users and applications
  • GNOME Online Desktop integration
  • Better power management in the kernel
  • Better support for suspend, resume, and monitor backlighting for laptops
And if that's not doing it for you, there's already a list of proposed features for Fedora 9.

[via Extra Tech]

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