Fedora Games: Fedora 8, but with lots and lots of games

Fedora Games
Like OS X, Linux is rarely thought of as an operating system for hard core gamers. Sure, you can use WINE and CrossOver to run Windows games on Linux. But if you don't need to run BioShock to be happy, there are thousands of free games available for Linux.

Fedora Games is a new LiveDVD based on Fedora 8, which was released last week. It comes packed with games. Lots and lots of games. You've got your card games, flight simulators, strategy games, arcade games, puzzle games, and so on.

While many Linux games are clones of popular Windows games with clever titles like Freeciv (A Civilization-clone) and OpenArena (an open-source package for Quake III Arena), there are also a few original goodies in there like The Battle for Wesnoth and Tremulous.

To run Fedora Games, you just need to download the disc image and burn it to DVD. You can then boot your PC from the DVD and start playing right away, or install Fedora Games to your hard drive.

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