Genius - free memorization software for macs

Genius is a free memorization software app for macs. It has an easy user interface and it makes studying a lot more fun and hi tech than flipping pages in your notebook or worse, having a drone drill you on flashcards.

It has an easy question and answer format which you load with your own study materials, such as foreign language vocabulary, math facts, chemistry elements, states and capitals, - well you get it.

The program then begins in a slideshow fashion where it advances a few slides with the answer showing, and then goes back and shows the same slides without the answer. If you input the correct answer, you hear a soothing "green light" sort of sound, and if you put in the wrong answer, you get a Family Feud abrupt buzzer sound.

Genius then takes you through the series advancing with new questions and then going back to the ones you missed for review. Genius organizes your information and carefully chooses questions using an intelligent "spaced repetition" method that's based on your past performance.

Genius could also be a kind of timewaster for the overachieving crowd who want to learn at the same time they waste time. So for those of you in this category, Genius might be just perfect for you. On install, the app comes with some sample files like Swedish verbs, Canadian Provincial Capitals and US states and capitals. Give it a whirl.

As opposed to iFlash which will set you back about $15, Genius is free and available for download at VersionTracker or MacUpdate. You can also join the Genius Yahoo group and download genius file packs in the genius file format for more learning opportunities.

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