Get It Next - new way to search and shop on Ebay

Ebay is the holy grail when it comes to finding all kinds of stuff you must want to buy on the internet. But like a Google search, it adds a bunch of extraneous items that hinder your experience and require you to weed out. For example, if you're searching for a Mac ibook g4 laptop on Ebay, your search results will also include laptop parts, accessories and other things that detract from your laptop search.

Enter Get it next, an award winning, free service to help users jockey around Ebay while weeding out the junk in their search results. Get it next has a clean, simple user interface to help you focus on the task at hand - search, shop, buy.

When you enter the Get it next site, you can immediately begin your search, no log-in required. Some useful features include the Buy It Now tab where you can buy whatever your heart's desire is at the moment without bidding and Bulk Deals, a way to search for lots, mutliples and wholesale items.

The best feature though is Find a Deal which lists Ebay items with zero bids and less than 4 hours remaining. If you're shopping for a deal, this will save you time and the annoyance of schlepping through item after item where the bid is a). way too high already and, b). has too much time remaining so the only place the bid can go is up.

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