Google Earth gets weather, new layer layout

Google Earth Weather
Google has rolled out a few new layers for Google Earth and a redesigned layer menu to help keep them tidy. Major categories get their own heading, while sub-directories are folded into, well, subdirectories.

For example, Google Earth 4.2 now includes a weather layer with sub-folders for clouds, radar, conditions and forecasts, and information. The clouds information is updated hourly with data from the Naval Research laboratory in Monterey. The radar information is updated every 15 mminutes, while provides forecasts.

You can also download KML files showing the last 24 hours of cloud data or 6 hours of radar data.

Google has also added the MDG Monitor, a layer that shows how countries are doing in meeting the Millennium Development Goals to do things like combat poverty and hunger, improve education, fight HIV/AIDS.

[via Google LatLong]

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