Installing OS X 10.5 Leopard on an Eee PC

Eee PC LeopardOne of the great things about the Eee PC is that, unlike a $400 PDA or phone, the $400 laptop is a full fledged computer that just happens to weigh less than 2 pounds.

And while Asus went through a lot of work to load a customized Linux interface onto the Eee PC, the company also made it pretty easy to slap your own operating system on there. In fact, the Eee PC ships with instructions for wiping the hard drive and installing Windows XP (if you happen to have a Windows XP installation disc and a USB DVD drive).

And if you can install Windows, that means you can install Mac OS X. Not officially, of course. Apple only sells OS X licenses for Apple-labeled machines. But the folks over that OSx86 project have been tinkering with ways to install OS X on PCs ever since Apple started to support Intel chips.

So it was only a matter of time until someone went and installed Leopard on an Eee PC. You'll need to get your hands on Leopard disc image, either by making one yourself or from other means that we won't go into here. Leopard reportedly is something less than a speed demon on the Eee PC's 900MHz celeron processor and 512MB of RAM. But we could have predicted that.

If you mess up your computer beyond belief, you can use the restore disc that Asus shipped with the Eee PC. But we still probably wouldn't recommend this hack for anyone who doesn't know what the word "kernel" means.

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