Leopard is updated to 10.5.1

OS X 10.5Less than three weeks after making its debut, Leopard, also known as OS X 10.5, has received it's first incremental update. 10.5.1, available via Apple's Software Update or via Apple's web site. The update addresses a number of issues, most notably in the areas of networking and Internet security.

Here's a quick run-down of some of our own problems in Leopard, that have been addressed in this update:

  • Password management issues with Airport
  • NAT problems with D-Link routers or gateways
  • Read-only issues with SMB folder shares on Windows machines (this was a huge headache for us, and we are ecstatic that it has been addressed)
  • Those file upload via Flash problems
Additionally, Apple has changed the language in the system firewall to actually indicate what the options do. In 10.5, Leopard's firewall's "Block All" option really didn't block all, and it has now been changed to "Allow Only Essential Services" to reflect that change. Problems with application signatures that change while in use (which if the firewall was set to "Block All" meant that the program would stop working after exiting, and would require a re-installation to work again) have also been corrected.

If you use Leopard, make sure you update to 10.5.1 as soon as possible!

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