LouderVoice lets you tell the world how good stuff is

What do you get when you mix a Digg-esque ranking scale, a Twitter-like SMS roll, and a focus on amplifying the public opinion? You get LouderVoice, a review-anything web site that seems to have caught on. Opinions aplenty abound here, so whether you're looking for more XBox fanboy ammo or just a recommendation on a skateboard to get to work (hey, I ride my skateboard to work--don't you?), LouderVoice indexes somebody's opinion on just about every subject.

LouderVoice gets its content in one of several ways--by aggregating reviews from blogs (which any blogger can take advantage of, a la Twitter), by pulling in a review you've posted on your MySpace page, or by allowing you to submit a review via SMS on your mobile device. Needless to say, SMS reviews are really short and often suffer from typically poor cellphone grammar.

So is LouderVoice worthwhile for review bloggers? Perhaps, as it may drive some traffic to your blog. But, at least to us, it looks like LouderVoice is gaming bloggers for free content in order to (someday) profit from product-specific Amazon sell-thrus. Not a bad business model, if the site becomes popular enough.

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