Microsoft will install Vista SP1 on your PC - if you live in Silicon Valley

Vista SP1
Weren't able to make it up to Redmond Washington in October for Microsoft's first Windows Vista SP1 install fair? No problem, Microsoft's holding another one, this time at the company's Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, CA.

Yeah, it's not exactly Des Moines or Wichita, so if you're not on the west coast, good luck checking out the updated version of Vista. But if you're wondering whether installing beta software will make your PC more stable, and you happen to live in northern California, why not stop by?

The install fair is scheduled for December 8-9, from 9am to 4pm. You'll need to register in advance, and you'll need to make sure your PC is already running Vista and meets Microsoft's minimum requirements. You'll also get a free copy of MS Office 2007 for playing guinea pig.

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