MiniRacers by Ze Frank - Time Waster

MiniRacersIs it humanly possible for someone to put out more creative energy onto the internet than Ze Frank? This guy is a machine, which is not entirely surprising considering that for a year he did not blink once during his daily video podcast.

Anyway, Ze Frank fandom aside, he seems to have recently cranked out an addictive little time waster called MiniRacers. It's unclear how long it has been online, but one thing that is clear is that once you start playing with it, you're going to be stuck for awhile.

The game is somewhat reminiscent of the old classic Lunar Lander, where you'd have to carefully guide a ship to land safely on the moon. However in this case the point isn't so much a soft landing, as a race to a goal through frustrating and sometimes infuriating mazes.

Don't get too excited if you manage to post a high score, since the scores are reset at midnight every night. Of course, we didn't even come close to a high score, but that's probably more a comment about our abilities as players as it is a comment about the game.

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