Mister Wong offers empty bottle for charity

This is not the missing water.Well here's an idea you don't see every day. Geekdom superhero Tim O'Reilly stopped by the shoomze-booth of social bookmarking site Mister Wong at the recent Web 2.0 Expo and the forward thinking gents at the booth snagged the empty water bottle he was seen swigging from. They decided that selling it would be a great way to raise money for a worthy cause and now it's up for sale on eBay. The proceeds will go toward Unicef's safe water campaign.

No, seriously.

Look, we laughed ourselves right under the desk at first too. Then -- and maybe it's the heady sense of philanthropy talking -- it began to sound like a halfway decent idea. After all, where's the harm in it, y'know? Unicef is a worthwhile cause that could surely benefit from a few extra dollars and maybe there's someone out there who's been longing for a bottle that's known to have rested gently on the lips of the The Tim.

Let's just hope there's no backwash in it.

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