More clues that Apple will launch iTunes video rentals

iTunesWe've been hearing rumors for at least a year that Apple was going to start offering video rentals through the iTunes store. But over the past few months we've seen growing evidence that there's something to this rumor.

In September one user noticed that there was a way to report an error with video rentals (even though there was no way to actually rent a movie yet). And now Evan DiBiase has noticed a few intriguing lines of code in iTunes 7.5.

Specifically, there are strings for things like "rental-content," "rental-bag," and "getvodaccountselectionlist."

Does this mean iTunes 7.5 will support video rentals as soon as Apple is ready to flip a switch? Maybe. It's also possible someone at Apple just has a sense of humor and likes throwing things like this into the binaries just to get the blogosphere talking.

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