MPlayer being ported to Windows Mobile

MPlayer Windows MobileMPlayer is probably the most powerful and versatile media player for Linux. Many popular Linux and Windows media players like SMPlayer and KMPlayer are built on MPlayer. And thanks to amitv_17 at the XDA-Developers forum, you can now run MPlayer on a Windows Mobile phone or PDA.

The first version of MPlayer for Windows Mobile is a bit rough around the edges. The GUI is pretty basic, and the CPU usage is pretty high. But the fact that MPlayer supports practically every audio and video format known to mankind kind of makes up for that.

This is the only Windows Mobile media player, for example that supports RealAudio and RealVideo files, unless you count Real Media's outdated RealPlayer for Windows Mobile. The WMA decoder isn't working, but there's support for H.264, Flac, MP4, M4a, OGG, MP3, and a slew of other formats.

The MPlayer port appears to work with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. Windows Mobile 2003SE and earlier users need not apply.

[via Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine]

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