OpenBox: launches web app platform

OpenBox is transforming from a service that lets you store your files to a service that lets you store, edit, manipulate, and share your files. That doesn't mean is getting into the online office/image editing/blogging business. Instead, the company is launching OpenBox, a platform that lets web app developers tie their services into

From a user perspective, what this means is you can upload images, text documents, spreadsheets, or other files to Then you can click on those documents to share, download, or email them. But you can also open an image using Picnik's online image editor, or send a document as a fax using eFax.

Right now there are just a few services available, including Zoho, ThinkFree, Autodesk, Scribd, Snipshot, Zazzle, Twitter, Echosign, Picnik and eFax. But thanks to open platformy-goodness, we suspect will add a ton of services soon.

A free account nets you 1GB of online storage space. You can also get 5GB or 15GB for a monthly or annual subscription fee.

[via WebWare]

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