Palringo: Awesome new IM client for Windows Mobile and Symbian

PalringoThere are plenty of instant messaging applications available for Windows Mobile phones and PDAs. But ever since Agile Messenger went and started charging money for their excellent IM client, there's been a dearth of good free IM clients.

Palringo is stepping up to the plate with a full-featured freeware app for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Palringo supports several of the most popular instant messaging services, including MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, and Google Talk/Jabber.

Palringo sports a few unusual options like the ability to logon to the same service multiple times. So if you've got two AIM names, you can use both at the same time. You can also send voice clips, although Palringo doesn't support real time voice chat.

Oh, and one of our favorite things about Palringo is that it's got support for older Windows Mobile devices. Unlike many newer applications, it supports Windows Mobile 2003 and up.

[via Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine]

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