PayPal will let you buy stuff on sites that don't accept PayPal

PayPal credit cardsLike buying things online but don't feel like giving out your credit card number to a gazillion different web stores? For a few years now PayPal has been the big name in one-stop checkouts. Just sign up for a PayPal account, link up your bank account or credit card number, and send and receive payment for your eBay auctions and buy stuff from participating retailers.

But while most stores take credit cards, there's still plenty of shops out there that won't accept PayPal. So tomorrow PayPal is launching a new service that will let you shop at those stores too.

Basically, PayPal will generate a new virtual credit card number every time you want to buy something on a site that doesn't have a PayPal checkout button. The company is partnering with MasterCard Inc to provide the "Secure Card" service. And we're guessing the service will go a long way toward helping PayPal fend off newcomers in the online payment marketplace like a little company called Google.

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