Play online chess with Shredder

Shredder Chess EngineNo, we aren't talking about Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We're talking about the Shredder chess engine. This AI likes to play chess, and it also likes to win.

Let's face it, most game AI work these days is not about making harder opponents, it is about making flawed opponents that play like humans. "Indistinguishable", if you will. But, as Shredder makes clear, it is easy for the computers to beat humans. That is why the computers should fight each other.

The Shredder engine is actually built to play against other computer chess engines. It does its job well and has won 12 World Computer Chess Champion titles since 1996. For this online version the AI has been dumbed down to make for a more interesting human vs computer challenge. It is still dirt hard though and you'll have to have some serious chess skills to get more than 10 moves into most games without being checkmated.

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