Portable version of GnuCash Beta released

GnuCash Portable
This summer the developers of open source financial management software GnuCash released their first build that would run on Windows as well as Linux. Now you can install GnuCash on a portable flash drive. That means you can carry GnuCash with you from PC to PC, while keeping all of your data and settings.

The installer is compatible with the Portable Apps suite, meaning you can use the Portable Apps program launched to install and run GnuCash portable.

GnuCash Portable is still in the early beta stags, so we wouldn't recommend chucking out your old Microsoft Money just yet. But if you like the idea of being able to update your financial data on the go and aren't scared of a little Beta tag, you might want to check GnuCash portable out. You can also easily export and save your data so that if you do have a problem with GnuCash portable, you can always import your info into the desktop version of GnuCash.

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