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Read it Later
Ever come across an interesting headline that you just don't have the time to read? If you're using Google Reader, you can just star an item to come back to it later. But if you're just browsing the web, you might want to mark a page for coming back to without going so far as to create a bookmark.

Read it Later
is a Firefox add-on that lets you create a reading list from interesting links. Once it's installed, you can right-click on any web site or link to save it to your reading list.

The add-on also installs two buttons in your Firefox toolbar. You can click Read Later to save the page you're currently on. And when you click on Reading List you'll cycle through saved pages. Clicking the little black arrow next to it will bring up a list of saved stories.

When you're reading a saved page, the Read Later button turns into a Mark as Read button which you can use to remove pages from your list.

Sure, you could always save pages as bookmarks, add them to, or use Google Notebook to save pages for later. But we like the clean and easy to use interface of Read it Later. Of course, if your Firefox Toolbar is already overloaded with add-ons, Read it Later might add more clutter to your life, which kind of defeats the purpose.

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