Safari beta for Windows updates to 3.0.4, fixes most of what was wrong

Safari for Windows
Apple released a whole slew of updates today, covered very extensively by our sister-site TUAW. They included updates to Tiger, iPhoto, and many of Apple's Pro apps. However, in addition to updates to Mac software, Apple also released an interesting update to a Windows application: Safari for Windows.

The list of improvements is pretty remarkable, and it appears that Apple has addressed most of the highest-profile deficiencies that were noted in the initial beta. For example, Windows users balked at the fact that Apple originally chose to have Safari act like a Mac app rather than a Windows app when it comes to basic window interactions like resizing. Many users also found the way that fonts are rendered in Safari to be inconsistent with other Windows applications.

If you find yourself agreeing with either of these complaints, you'll be happy to note that the new version of Safari actually acts like a Windows application, and can be resized from any side. Apple has also added the option of using Windows' standard font-smoothing technology (ClearType) instead of Apple's font-smoothing method. We'll spare you the debate as to which is better, and simply acknowledge that both are valid methods for smoothing fonts on screen, but are certainly different and it's not surprising that people have strong preferences.

You can view the whole list of improvements on a page Apple has up called About the Safari 3 Beta Update 3.0.4 for Windows.

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