Send and receive files directly with PipeBytes

Ever need to send a file to a friend, relative, or colleague, only to be stymied by your email provider's 10 or 20MB file attachment limit? There are plenty of sites out there that help you get around this restriction, including YouSendIt, MailBigFile, and Driveway. But while each site lets you send large files, there's still a cap on free file transfers.

PipeBytes doesn't cap your file transfers, because PipeBytes doesn't actually have to save anything on its own servers. The service basically helps you connect with one other user at a time. Just click the "Send File" button, choose the file you want to send, and PipeBytes spits out a code. Give that code to the person you want to send the file to, and they can initiate the transfer by clicking "Pickup File."

The upshot of the service is that you can send pretty much anything you want over the internet for free. The downside is you can't close your browser window. So really, PipeBytes is a lot like sending your friend a file using your instant messenger client -- but you don't have to make sure s/he uses the same instant messenger as you.

The site appears to be advertising supported. While you're waiting for your file to transfer, PipeBytes shows you YouTube videos with AdSense embedded.

[via Read/WriteWeb]

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