SuTree instructional video site adds courses, widgets and other new features

For the past six months, SuTree has been collecting user-generated videos that show you how to do stuff. All sorts of stuff, from taking care of a pet to speeding up your web browser. There are over 10,000 videos currently online. Now the site is launching a bunch of new features that should make it easier to find the videos you're looking for and share them with the rest of the world.

First up, SuTree is rolling out a new "courses" feature that lets video makers bundle a series of related videos into an online course. Got a 7 part series on how to clean a toilet? Make it into a course. Users can also "wrap & send" a group of videos to friends.

There are also now RSS feeds that let you susbcribe to tags, categories, or all new videos uploaded to the site. For web publishers, there's a new widget feature that lets web publishers embed a SuTree search box in their site to let users search for instructional videos.

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