Task Killer: End pesky Windows tasks without opening Task Manager

Task KillerIf you're like most Download Squad readers, you've probably got a few dozen windows open on your computer at any time. And when your system locks up, it's not always easy to tell exactly which process is the offender.

If you're using Windows, usually you have to do a Ctrl+Alt+Del, pull up Windows Task Manager, and search the processes bar for applications using an unusually large amount of memory. But there might be a simpler way.

Task Killer
is a tiny little app that sits in your taskbar. It lets you pull up a list of open windows and/or open processes without using Windows Task Manager. A single right or left click on any running process is all it takes to kill it. While the installer file weighs in at just over 300KB, Task Killer does somewhat ironically take up over 2MB of RAM on our Vista machine.

[via Lifehacker]

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