Time Raider - Deja-vu all over again Time Waster

Time RaiderConsider this statement:

The most compelling games are those that incorporate a new concept that has not been done previously.

If you agree with this statement, you're going to love Time Raider, an experimental new game on Jay Is Games. In Time Raider you get three instances of yourself, all facing various obstacles. When you use one of the instances to interact with devices on their level, they have effects on other levels.

None of this is all that new, but where it gets interesting is that there is not a concept of lives or dying in this game. Instead, you simply rewind and try again.

The game is played in real time. So therefore, you must choose which of your men to control for that session, then move them to do things at specific times. Once you get stuck, you rewind and choose another man to move. Hopefully you are able to remove the obstacle the first man faced. However, here's where it gets really challenging. When you want to go back and control the first man again, you must do so for the whole time-line. In other words, you must replicate everything that man previously did to make the level progress forward.

The description sounds convoluted and frustrating, and while there certainly is a healthy level of frustration in the game, it's very fun to play and really draws you in with the time-line concept.

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