Voyage - an online 3D RSS feed reader

VoyageWhat the world needs is another RSS feed reader, and specifically one that is 3D. Heck, isn't any productivity application made better if you can add the word 3D to it?

Sarcasm aside, Voyage is actually a fairly compelling take on a 3D feed reader. Headlines float nebulously in space in varying layers. The ones closest to you are easiest to read, and they get smaller and fuzzier as they go off into the distance. Clicking on a headline (on any layer) will zoom to that layer and expand a story synopsis.

Stories that are further away are older, a fact that can be seen by watching the horizontal timeline that bisects the screen. Using your keyboard's up and down arrows you can travel into the past, or back towards the present. You can also directly click on a headline that is in a layer beneath the one you are currently looking at; the interface will zoom to the layer and show you the synopsis you've selected.

Voyager defaults to a number of popular RSS feeds, but you are free to delete them and use your own feeds. Unfortunately, there is no bulk upload functionality, so you can only add feeds one at a time.

At this stage Voyage is fun to play with for a few minutes, but doesn't appear to be ready for any RSS feed heavy lifting.

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