What Should I Read Next?

What Should I Read Next?NetFlix revolutionized the way we think about watching movies at home. Rather than go to the rental store and waste hours wandering around waiting for the art on a movie case to grab your attention, you can visit a website that will not only allow you to queue up titles to watch, but also suggest movies that you might like based on your preferences.

Deciding what movie to watch is a big deal for some people, but others are more interested in what to read. If you fall into the latter group, have a look at the new web service What Should I Read Next. For new users, simply enter the Title and Author of one of your favorite books to get a list of recommended reading. To make the list of suggestions more focused, you can create an account and add a list of books.

In our informal testing, some of the recommendations can be unusual considering the original title used for suggestions. It's unclear whether this is based on some extremely sophisticated algorithm and is entirely accurate, or is due to a very new service attempting to make recommendations based on a very small set of data. Regardless, if you're at a loss for what to read next, it can't hurt to give What Should I Read Next a try.

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