Can't Find On Google: Repository of things you can't.. well, you know

Can't Find on GoogleSure, Google and other search engines are great if you're looking for information about most things. But sometimes you've got a question that's so obscure that it's nearly impossible to find a good answer on Google. Or your search might be so general that you actually get too many results to make sense of them all.

Enter Can't Find On Google. At its most basic level, this is a website where you can enter all the things Google hasn't done for you lately. Just click the "New Entry" button and rant away. You're helping to contribute to a mostly amusing list of unanswered questions.

But users can also leave comments, which means that your question might actually not remain unanswered for long. For example, a recent commenter was looking for a better way to rename folders, and someone responded with a software recommendation. Or another person was looking for WWE star Trish Stratus's cellphone number, and several helpful commenters pointed out that he was some sort of a sick stalker.

Theoretically, Can't Find On Google could be a great resource for Google or any other search engine looking holes in their product. In practice, it's a fun distraction that you can get lost in for literally seconds.

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