Flickr unveils new Uploadr & adds Stats to Pro accounts

Yahoo!'s Flickr photo-sharing service (which you may well have been voting for in the Open Web Awards: Photo Sharing category) has just unveiled two spiffy new additions to their roster of tools: one for everyone, the other one left for Pro accounts only.

The new Uploadr 3.0 is the Flickr-developed tool to upload photos to the service, and is available to all members, on both Macs and PCs. The big new feature in this release is the ability to re-order photos through dragging and dropping before you click the Upload button and get the photos on their way. Not only that, but once an upload is underway, you can get started on another batch of photos within the application to prepare to upload: nifty.

The other major announcement is that Flickr is now enabling 'Stats' for Pro account holders, allowing users to see where traffic is coming from for their photostream. Flickr-rival Zooomr has offered 'Trackbacks' on photos for some time now, and it's a really neat feature, allowing you to see who's linking (and perhaps more importantly clicking) on your photos. If you're a Pro member, and you're looking for your Flickr stats without any success, however, be aware that you'll need to activate Stats on your account (by clicking here and signing in) and then waiting for 24 hours whilst the Flickr system prepares your stats.

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