How to convert PDF eBooks to images for reading on your mobile

eBooks to Images
Amazon Kindle schmindle. We've been reading eBooks on handheld devices for ages. There are some great eBook readers for Windows Mobile and PalmOS that let you read TXT, HDML, PDF, PDB, LIT, and other file formats. But things get a bit more challenging if you want to read your eBooks on an iPod or other MP3 player. Most of these devices don't come with web browsers or eBook raders.

That's where eBook to Images comes in. This free application lets you convert a wide variety of text files into images. You can adjust the font, image size, and image format (PNG, BMP, or JPG) and convert hundreds of pages of text into hundreds of little images in no time flat. Just copy the resulting folders onto your portable device and you can scroll through a series of images to read your books while waiting at the doctor's office.

[via freewaregenius]

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