Save your docs to Google Docs (and vice versa)

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocsIf you find yourself typing some documents up on your desktop and others using the web-based office suite Google Docs & Spreadsheets, you might find it hard to keep organized. With your documents spread all over the place, it's easy for a few things to get lost in the shuffle.

While OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs won't quite let you synchronize your documents with your Google Docs, this OpenOffice extension does make it easy to import/export your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Once you download and install the extension, a new toolbar will show up in with two options: Export to Google Docs and Import from Google Docs. The export button basically lets you save your documents online so you can edit them from any computer, share them with collaborators, or do whatever else it is you do with Google Docs. The import feature brings up a list of all your documents stored online and lets you open them up one by one. There's no batch import option available at the moment.

We'll repeat, this is not a synchronization option. If you have an older copy of a document on your desktop and a newer version with the same version on Google Docs, it's up to you to resolve the differences. But this is still a pretty handy extension if you prefer using on your desktop, but might need to access your documents on the go.

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