Shake up your style with Style Shake

Who wants to show up at an event wearing the same dress as someone else? Now you can ensure your dress is one of a kind with Style Shake. The London based company allows you to custom design your own dress from start to finish, then custom makes it and sends it to you.

The site starts by asking you to select a fabric. Fabric choices range from the simple such as black 100% cotton to dressier 100% organic silks. Once you've selected a fabric you create your dress by selecting an upper bodice, neckline, sleeve, waist panel, lower bodice, and trimmings from Style Shake's pre-designed options. You can add belts and bows to your design and the site ensures your design is a success by eliminating choices that don't jive with your current selections.

As you build your dream dress a virtual mannequin sports your style so you can get a feel for what the finished product will look like. Once your creation is complete you can save it within Style Shake, share it with friends, and order it so you can wear it yourself. Finished style prices are based on what you put into them. A 100% cotton dress is obviously going to be less expensive than one made of 100% silk.

The site claims to deliver a finished dress to you in 10 days. One drawback to the service is that you can't actually try a dress on to see how it fits, but the site offers free alterations so if you do get something that isn't just right you can send it back and get it fixed for free. The site currently only offers dresses, it would be nice to see them expand into other clothing pieces and offer some mens options as well.

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Geraldine D. McHale said...

Lovely post and dress reference for women. I can spare it inside Style Shake, impart it to companions, and request it so you can wear it yourself. Completed style costs depend on what I put into them. I like to purchase affordable clothes for various occupation. Wonderful post thank you.

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