Twitter from your Blackberry with TwitterBerry

Twitter from your Blackberry with TwitterBerry

If you are an avid Twitter user, and have a BlackBerry tucked away in your pocket, you have a few options to keep your followers updated whilst on the go. You can visit the Twitter mobile site at, or you can use a new application on the market called TwitterBerry.

TwitterBerry is a mobile client for Blackberry users to post updates on Twitter. It supports popular BlackBerry devices including the 8800 line and 8700 line as well as the Pearl and Curve. To get the application loaded, you can either download it or transfer it via USB, or via a download link on your BB. It's simple to use, and avoids the time required to fire up a browser and enter a URL. You can watch updates roll in from friends, view the public timeline and update your status without waiting for Twitters form field to load.

If you are still looking at starting up your own Twitter account, or wondering how to use your Twitter account effectively? Chris Brogan has a very useful Newbies Guide to Twitter that will walk you through using it as a social network and as a way for personal branding.

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