YouTube adds cool visualization for browsing related videos

YouTube adds cool visualization for browsing related videosFor a while, YouTube was just, well, YouTube. Now under Google's wing, the popular video sharing site receives the random, occasional upgrade. Here's a new one: You can now browse videos related to the one you're watching through an interactive web-like interface.

In order to access the feature, first full-screen your chosen video. At the bottom left corner, next to the play/pause button, you should find the the new button. Click on it, and YouTube will take you on a cool, new related-video ride.

In testing the feature, we discovered that not all videos had the button. Further investigation led to the culprit: Videos that YouTube considers promoted content (YouTube is likely paid to promote these videos) don't have it. If for some reason a video or two doesn't have the button, fear not. Google has a habit of releasing gradual updates to its properties, so it shouldn't be too long until it becomes a site-wide feature for all videos.

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