10 GMail Labs features worth enabling

The GMail crew has been doing a great job of adding useful features of late -- some of them right into GMail, others in Labs. If you haven't clicked on the little green beaker in the top toolbar yet, there are plenty of excellent features worth turning on. Here are 10 that I find particularly useful.

Arguably the most powerful feature available in labs right now. Offline access requires the installation of Google Gears, but it's an invaluable option for anyone who needs access to their inbox any time internet access isn't available.

Undo Send
Newly added, the five-second windows is just long enough to evaluate any misgivings you might have or catch the rare but horrendous typo that you didn't notice was underlined.

Media Previews
Apart from the obvious convenience of previewing Flickr and Picasa images and Yelp comments below a message, the YouTube preview is a much less obvious way for you to watch that clip your buddy sent you about the kid that just left the dentist's office.

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