5 iPhone apps for old school computer geekery

There are all kinds of fancy modern things that you can do with your iPhone, including all the techno-superhero things Jay covered in his post.

What if you like things that are a little bit more nostalgic? Here are five apps packed with old-timey computing goodness!

These are all available through iTunes - no jailbreaking required!

Fortune [iTunes link] - Ever wish you could tap into the wisdom of Fortune's terminal quotes no matter where you are? This app is a faithful port for the iPhone, right down to the monochromatic fixed-width font.

Chip-8 Emulator [iTunes link] - It's no surprise that a computer system considered cutting-edge in the 1970s can now be emulated on a handheld device like the iPhone. Geardome's app allows you to play all the Chip-8's vintage public domain games in their full-on low-fi glory.

Sid Player / Sid Player Lite [iTunes Link] - The iPod started out as audio-only, so this one's sort of doubly-old school because it plays Commodore 64 SID files. The full version ($2.99) provides access to more than 35,000 songs from the High Voltage Sid Collection and includes soundtracks from classic games and musicians. The free Lite version provides more limited access.

HAL 9000 [iTunes link] - What are you doing, Dave? Why, he's installing HAL-9000 on his iPhone, of course! Take history's best-loved demented computer with you everywhere. Launch it and cackle any time you want to reassure people that you're not all there yourself.

iMud [iTunes link]- Apple loves to flaunt all the shiny, new games you can play, but what about classic text-based gaming? iMud (from the developer of Metal Mudder for Mac) is $4.99, but it's a great mobile interface for playing all your favorite classic MUDs like Wheel of Time and Mozart. Don't forget to visit MUD Connector to search for a MUD that's to your liking.

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