Download CrossOver for free today, run Windows Apps on Mac, Linux

CrossOver is the commercial version of WINE, a tool that allows users to run many Windows applications on Mac or Linux machines. And today, you can download it for free.

You see, earlier this year the CEO of CodeWeavers, the company behind CrossOver issued a challenge to president George W. Bush. If the outgoing president of the US could accomplish one of a handful of goals before leaving office, the company would give away free licenses for all of its software (with a limit of one per license per user). Surprisingly, one of those goals has been met: CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White recently noted that he was able to fill up his tank with $2.79/gallon gasoline.

In order to claim your reward, just visit the CodeWeavers page today to snag a coupon good for one software license. CodeWeavers makes CrossOver for Mac and Linux, and also has a special CrossOver Games version that brings support for a number of popular Windows video games to those applications. While CrossOver won't necessarily let you run every Windows app on your platform of choice, it does boast support for some programs that won't run under the free and open source WINE utility.

CodeWeaver products typically start at $40. So if you think there's even a chance you might want a free copy, today's the day to grab one. Or you can wait until George Bush meets one of the other goals that Jeremy White has set for him, including capturing Osama bin Laden, creating jobs, or bringing average home prices back to the level they were at last year.

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